It all started with a bowl of frosting...

Hello! I’m Charissa. I love creating delicious homemade treats, topped with a smile.

My interest in food runs deep. I grew up with two lovely women who are passionate chefs – my grandmother, who makes a mean devil’s curry, and my aunt, who bakes a to-die-for apple rose compote pie! Between my kitchen-loving ladies, flour-covered faces and finger-licking good creams, it is obvious that baking is in my blood!

I started out by helping my aunt, who also owns a little home bakery. Yes, I made a BIG messes (sorry, aunt!) but there was something about creating quirky characters out of fondant paste and modelling chocolate that I liked. Soon, I picked up baking and mastered the art of frosting cakes. I’ve continued to create messes ever since. Better ones.

I love to have full control over all of my creations. This means that every of my bakes are handcrafted with care – using only a harmony of selected ingredients and a keen eye for detail.

At the end of each day, I kick my shoes off and go into full introvert mode, playing around with personal recipes to the sounds of George Strait. Sometimes even to James Arthur, Troye Sivan, Jessie J…

But what’s even more fulfilling is that I get to be a part of your stories or imaginations, and portraying them through food and art. To be a part of your occasions – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or even baby showers – mean more to me than just a celebration.

Every cake tells a story, let me tell yours.

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