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Hello there, I’m Charissa. This is my little dome for Arcadia Cakery. 

Follow me on a journey as i share my Travels, Recipes, Tips & Tricks.  Dive with me into a whole new book of sinfully (but carefully) handcrafted desserts!

Reflections Of a Baker


“ Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect”

– Alan Cohen

5 years ago, wrote an article about possible struggles of being in the F&B Industry – “Is it accurate to say that the F&B scene in S’pore is brutal? Yes.”

To summarize.. they were basically stating a few factors to save us from throwing ourselves into an FML (“Fudge” My Life) situation – They weren’t wrong for the most part. If anything, I’ve definitely come to terms with the cutthroat situation of being a baker – should’ve followed my 10-year-old self’s dream of being a Nun!


In this scene, competition is tough, practically anyone can become a Chef, Baker, Cake Artist etc.. (my opinion at least) with a little practice and discipline, it’s achievable! As much as I would love to deny the fact that money doesn’t play a part, sorry to burst your bubble, IT DOES. Truth be told, money CAN buy you a lot of things even recognition.

It’s a battle – those who are ACTUALLY producing quality & uniqueness are STILL kept in the dark VS those who are pretty mediocre with 0 – 10% level of originality but gets all the attention. The way I see it, it’s pretty bias so who’s to say they originate an idea nowadays?

With all due respect, being one of many in the F&B industry, I know first hand, it’s never easy. KUDOS to those who’ve tried and succeeded!  I guess the fact that it brings opportunities to challenge oneself is also one of the reasons why I’ve stuck it out until today.

For me personally, I believe that every opportunity is an opportunity!

Working at Sugarhaus, was both a pleasant and learnable experience. When I left, I got to take home something interesting that drove a deeper passion for desserts – Ice Cream Churning. (which I still am doing today) With them, I also explored other areas of cake decorating – The infamously famous, Galaxy Cake. So much so, that I was featured on one of Seth Lui’s article haha!

baking-Galaxy-Cake-Seth Lui-Bespoke-Customised-Sugarhaus-ArcadiaCakery-SG-singapore

baking-Galaxy-Cake-Seth Lui-Bespoke-Customised-Sugarhaus-ArcadiaCakery-SG-singapore







At the end of the day, I’m thankful!

Baking serves me as a moment to really slow down. I am at ease when I bake because it shows me how to live with purpose; the transformation of flour, milk, eggs and everything else in between is purposeful.

My advice to give any aspiring bakers – STAY CURIOUS. Always keep an open mind and try/tweak every recipe; don’t become obsessive about your particular style of bakes or process.

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